2 May 2016

How to Flatten Your Stomach in Three Easy Steps

Submitted by LiMing

In this article, we are discussing the secrets on how we can get a flat stomach in just three easy steps. One of the benefits of eating fully raw is that you not only feel physically better, but you also feel more confident, you feel more spiritually connected and you get an excellent body.

Now that’s summer and everybody wants to have a nice body, the topic in this article is great to explore.

Getting a flat stomach does not have to be an awful experience, it can actually be fun and enjoyable and it’s much easier than you think. Here, are the top 3 tips on how you can a flat stomach.

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#1 Stay hydrated

Stay as much hydrated as you can by drinking as much water or fully raw juices as possible. First thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is that I drink 32 ounces of my vitamin infused lemonade. This is really delicious and it is so easy to prepare. All you have to do is to slice up some oranges, lemons, mint and basil, take them, put them in a jar with some water and soak them over night.

When you drink them in the morning, it’s fresh, it’s delicious, it’s cool and refreshing for you do enjoy. It’s very hydrating and all that lemon and citrus in the water helps you flush out your system and get things moving for the day. Keeping your bowel is what it keeps your stomach flat as possible and proper hydration is the key to keep toxins flushing out of your system.

#2 Eat raw fruits and vegetables

Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you possibly can or you possibly care for. Apart from flushing things out of your system raw fruits and vegetables help you stay hydrated. You can drink all the water in the world but stay hydrated with the foods that you eat is also important.

Fully raw fruits and vegetables have natural sugars in them, have fibers in them and also have carbohydrates in them. All these things will keep your body moving and flowing throughout the day. You do not need to go fully raw but challenge yourself and may be try 1 or  2 fully raw meals in your day. There are tones of recipes to choose from such as a huge bawl of fruits or make an orange spinach basil smoothie.

#3 Do 10 minutes of ab exercises everyday

Make sure that you do at least 10 minutes of ab exercises everyday and you do you not even equipment for this. There are easy exercises that you can do in your house for just 10 minutes in your day that will help build muscles, burn fat and give you a flat toned tammy. Four nice ab exercises to see quick results are: 1) squats, 2) bicycle crunches, 3) planks, 4) jump roping, you do not need a jump rope as you can easily jump up and down.