11 Jan 2017

Cannot lose your fat? Five shredding diet faults to avoid

Submitted by LiMing

In this article, we are going to study the mistakes that you might potentially be making with your fat-loss diet that are either slowing down your fat loss diet or that are preventing you from getting any real results at all. There are 5 different points that I have to make in this analysis and because we have to mention all of them we are not going to be thorough with each one, but just give a generalized overview.

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So, here they are, 5 cutting mistakes to avoid.

#1 Your daily Calorie intake is too much

This is the most common, the most foundational fat loss mistakes, you can make. To lose fat on a constant basis, you need to maintain a calorie shortfall overtime by burning more calories than what you take. In case, your daily calorie intake is set much, then nothing else in in your dietary plan will help you lose weight.

A good cutting dieting advice for most of the people would be to start by eating five hundred calories under their maintenance level. That is going to create the calorie deficit you need to stimulate fat loss. Calories unconditionally do play a huge role in your shredding attempts and your over-all net energy that you have in the day is definitely the most significant principle that exists.

#2 You are over-eating without realizing it

Maybe you daily calorie intake is fixed at the proper number, but in reality you exceed this number without intending to. Now, this takes place for a number of reasons:

  • you are making mistakes with regard to the measurements of your food,
  • you are over-eating in your cheat meals and cheat days,
  • Maybe you are eating unhealthy snacks and other hidden items that are getting in your daily nutritional program and aren’t accounted for.

It could also be that you are not really tracking your diet accurately in the first place and you’re just trying to eyeball things but you’re not doing it properly.

#3 Your calorie intake is set too low 

This third shredding diet fault is the exact opposite of the two previously-mentioned ones and it takes place when you are trying to accelerate the fat-burning process. They crash-diet because they’re trying to reduce their fat asfast as possible. Aggressive calorie deficits can work for some people in the short term only if you do it properly, but for the most people out there, decrease you calorie intake will not work for you because you will increase your appetite significantly.

Also, you will not be in a healthy physical and mental condition, you will underperform in your training program, you will most likely quit your fat-burning endeavor and start gaining fat and weight once more. Again, the five hundred calories below maintenance is what I would suggest in most cases.

#4 You aren’t eating enough protein

Consuming proper amounts of protein is critical for you to maintain your lean muscle mass during a cut or possibly even building lean mass under the right circumstances, but it’s also the only one of the three major macro nutrients that make you feel full.

So, it’s really important that you’re eating enough protein each day in order to keep your appetite under control. My general recommendation for most people is to go with anywhere between 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound if body weight daily.

#5 You are not eating enough fat

Many of us make this usual error and miscomprehension that eating food that contains fat is what makes you fat. So, they will drop their fat intake really low, thinking that this is helping them get leaner. When really, what will happen is to your testosterone, negatively affect the way that your brain works, decrease your mood and it can also lead to increases in anxiety as well as depression levels in some people as well.

My suggestion is to consume about 25% of your whole daily calories from fat and I wouldn’t recommend going below 20% as a minimum. Just eating food fat does not make you fat. Too much total calorie intake is what makes you fat.