11 Jan 2017

In this article, we are going to study the mistakes that you might potentially be making with your fat-loss diet that are either slowing down your fat loss diet or that are preventing you from getting any real results at all. There are 5 different points that I have to make in this analysis and because we have to mention all of them we are not going to be thorough with each one, but just give a generalized overview.

2 May 2016

In this article, we are discussing the secrets on how we can get a flat stomach in just three easy steps. One of the benefits of eating fully raw is that you not only feel physically better, but you also feel more confident, you feel more spiritually connected and you get an excellent body.

Now that’s summer and everybody wants to have a nice body, the topic in this article is great to explore.

24 Mar 2015

Many people could be lacking certain vitamins but may not know this at all. This is how subtle vitamin deficiency symptoms are. You may be doing just fine with your regular doses of junk food not knowing how critical this nutrient is for proper functioning of the body. There are other symptoms of vitamin deficiency other than wooziness, shortness of breath and constant fatigue. 

Acne (red and white) on different body regions

24 Mar 2015

What’s green, bitter, and the “so-called” key to losing weight almost effortlessly?

Meet coffee’s first cousin—green coffee. It’s not your average cup of Joe.

If you come across a weight loss supplement that claims that it can help you lose weight because it contains green coffee, don’t take it! It won’t work.

24 Mar 2015

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem millions of men face around the world. ED is defined as the persistent inability of a man to reach erection of sufficient firmness and duration to have sexual intercourse. ED lowers a man’s self esteem and has a negative impact on his intimate relationships and overall quality of life.

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